R. Fogarty Design - Rachel Fogarty

hey there,

 i find myself in the very fortunate position to be able to do what i love. after years of slaving away in the corporate world (total exaggeration - i thoroughly enjoyed it), i have chosen a career path that lets me spend time with my three little angels and lovely husband, but also fulfilling a passion.....design and decor. i mean, i truly love it. the people, designing new floor plans, the hunt, the install. all of it.

living in nashville, there is inspiration everywhere and a very diverse world of interior design. we moved here in 2015 from the midwest. at that time, we had a two year old and a 2 week old, so naturally, we choose to tackle a fixer-upper. like, a let's take it down to the studs and tear down every single wall renovation. and, through that, i fell in love with the ever-present possibility of being able to create the home of your dreams.

iam a big believer in decorating and/or designing a house that reflects who you are; more specifically, the happiest version of who you are. if you have pieces that mean something to you, we use them. your input is key - everyone has a style of some kind lurking under there, so if you need help finding it, reach out. 

keep it simple, keep it real.

 - Rachel Fogarty