Operation Purple Haze

Operation Purple Haze was, simply put, making a purple bungalow even more fabulous than it already was. It is in one of Music City's hottest neighborhoods, close to everything, it just needed to reflect the style of the new owners (who, for all you travelers out there, have decided to Airbnb the joint).

Working on this house was a little like being a first time homeowner. It wasn't just a paint job (there was A LOT of paint), it was everything: the furniture, the beds, the silverware, the trash cans...you get the point. That being the case, and that we wanted to get this done during the month of June, priorities were key. So, here are some important things I learned that may help you:

- When in doubt, always spend your money on a great rug. People remember great rugs. They make a statement and they can be beautiful, or a hot mess. Let's try to make this world a beautiful place, people.

- Bedding: If you are like me, I want new bedding every 6 months. So, here's the thing, keep it simple. Go white (hello, bleach) and get some amazing, colorful throw pillows to fill up the space. This way, your foundation is simple, clean and timeless. Then, you can go trendy on the pillows, which will cost you a lot less than the bedding.

- Order the big things online if you can. This saves you the time and hassle of getting it home or scheduling a delivery, and free shipping is handed out like candy these days. Spend your time selecting, sourcing, and loading your car with great artwork and accents instead of the large items.

- Have a color scheme that flows throughout the house. That doesn't mean that every room has to have the exact same colors. For us, one living space had primarily grays and blues, as did two of the bedrooms. The main living space had grays, blues and coral, as did another bedroom. All of the rooms tied in a lot of white and natural wood elements and the wall color was the same throughout, making the whole house cohesive. Do this to make sure the final outcome isn't choppy or like one of those bed and breakfasts that has themed rooms (there's no shame if you enjoy those, by the way).

- Make yourself a spreadsheet. A quick styling makeover of a room or two may not warrant this. Getting an empty house ready to be a lovely Airbnb does. You'll be amazed at the time saved dorking out over an Excel spreadsheet. 

And, that's all folks. It's been real. Until next time.


* A special thanks to Emily for letting me run wild with this and never wavering in her faith in me. And another big thanks to Mary Craven Dawkins for continuing to take pictures that make me look far more talented than I am. So lucky to work with such great people.          

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The Before

The After