Handpainted Walls.....Ooh La La

I love original art. It's lovely and comes in all different price points - believe me, you can find affordable artwork for your home. There are times that original art will cost you less than a reproduction print. You just have to hunt. Or, if you're lucky, know an artist firsthand.

Earlier this summer, a friend was telling me how she wanted to wallpaper an area of her home. We discussed options, what wallpaper she had seen that she liked, and then we also discussed budget. Wallpaper can be pricey, because you are paying for the material and also for the labor of install.

Plus, we knew we wanted this wall to be like a work of art - a real statement. Totally unique. That got my wheels turning....what if we make the wall a true work of art and have it hand painted?!

We met with a local artist, discussed color palette and different textures/prints we liked. Sample boards were provided by the artist (super helpful because we actually ended up doing something completely different than we originally planned) and then a final design was chosen. We went with a simple linen effect that transformed that wall in a big way. Stunning. One of my most favorite projects EVER. This accent wall makes the whole room feel so elegant. While it looks like wallpaper, and many assume it is, you know it's special.


On a personal note, I had the most boring powder room in all the land, so I recently called up that same local artist (Ms. Sarah Ella Cole, @sarahellacole) and told her that her superb painting talents were needed. I pulled some photos of wall coverings I liked and voila.....my powder room now packs a punch. And it's amazing. Bam.


So, don't be afraid to go against the grain....get crazy. Especially with paint. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? You don't love it? Paint over it. Have fun with your décor and your home. If you love it, go for it. And, make it original :)